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Voronezh the Torch has lost CHernomortsu

Football in Novorossisk, as May Day demonstration for workers – a feast with bright headers and grandiose procession from the nearest stop to sport centre gate. The people for an hour before game   took places, and those who has not had time to get the ticket in advance, stood in long turns at cash desk. Have arrived and   the Voronezh fans, have given Them some numbers. Chernozemnye fans, without feeling sorry a drink, barracked.

Game with Novorossisk « CHernomortsem » voronezhtsy have begun for health. Egorov after giving with penal nearly has not opened the bill – the goalkeeper has gained. And there and then after angular Ksanaev « the Torch » has not forgiven – 1:0. After that in the field there was an equal struggle without obvious goal chances.

- Well show the present game, - shouted « to the Torch » its fans.

- Ole - ole - ole - ole, « CHernomorets » forward! – echoed them novorossijtsy.

And appeals of tribunes football players have heard. In the second time of event developed much more cheerfully. Owners continued to stake on standards and distant blows, « the Torch » dangerously counterattacked. But with goals it was impossible: defenders gained that, blows were inexact. And then passions have in the field begun to boil. That them to cool, the arbitrator has removed immoderately hot Ibragimova and Burmakova. In incomplete structures game at voronezhtsev has better gone. On 85 - j to minute, appear, visitors will rescue a match. Infringement in penal owners, and Klopkov beats a penalty in the right corner. But the goalkeeper of owners of Chihradze in a desperate jump beats off a ball, and defenders take out it on the angular. « CHernomorets » types the first points, and « the Torch » for the first time in this season has conceded on a visit.

Struggle in a match was rigid.
a photo: Paul GURIN.

- Though we also have lost, the show was impressing, - the Voronezh fans were not upset and have left in hostel to pack suitcases.

After the fifth tour   « the Torch » has rolled down on 15 - e a place, and   « CHernomorets » has risen on 19 - e. At the head of standings   « Alaniju » has replaced   « the Pearl - Sochi ».