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In Kazan have found 200 unapproved dumps

By data administratively - technical inspection, in Kazan from the beginning of spring it is revealed about 200 unapproved dumps. The most part from them settles down in shabby houses and round them.

- means are allocated for elimination of this problem, however often there are questions with an establishment of proprietors, - the head of department of ATI Ramil Mullin.

the tender for performance of works on a pulling down and clearing of territories of 35 houses which proprietors managed to be established is at present declared.

Under the code about administrative - legal infringements, at primary revealing similar infringements on officials the penalty at a rate of 2 - 3 thousand roubles, on legal bodies - 10 - 30 thousand is imposed. If remarks are not eliminated in the specified terms, the sum of the repeated penalty increases to 100 thousand roubles.

Federal supervising bodies can impose the penalty to 250 thousand. Management it is administrative - technical inspection it is already made more than 800 reports for a total sum about 4 million roubles, informs kzn. ru.