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Prince Harry dreams of conquest of the Everest

Having returned after impressing though also short expedition to the North Pole in which prince Harry participated together with several British soldiers, wounded in Afghanistan, he has hinted that next year does not exclude the participation and in an ascension on the highest mount of a planet. Saying goodbye to brave travellers in a forty-degree frost, Harry has told: « I do not say goodbye. To the following project! ».

conquest of the Everest in May, 2012 preparation to which they intend to begin in the near future will be the following project of group of the former British military men.

Considering an adventurous vein in character of prince Harry, it is possible to assume that hardly probable it will pass possibility to make such fascinating walk. Other question – Leah will manage to find it time in the intense schedule and a leah will reach together with soldiers with whom he has had time to make friends in Arctic regions, to the top. After all on polar expedition he participated not in everything, but only in its first 4 days. Meanwhile, to reach the North Pole, 13 days were necessary for four wounded soldiers.

it is not excluded that Harry would reach with them up to the end, if not wedding of the big brother which will take place on Friday and which he should play an important role of the best man.