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In Kuzbas police days searched for the girl sick of a diabetes

In Prokopevsk 11 - the summer girl sick of a diabetes has not returned from school. Parents tried to find the child independently, but all was vain. Already late at night they were converted behind the help into police. More than 40 % of staff of the intermunicipal Department of Internal Affairs « Prokopevsky » have lifted on searches of the child, informs a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Kemerovo region. Policemen searched for the child all night long.

All this time threat of life of the girl because it did not accept insulin necessary for it was saved. In six mornings the girl was searched by all employees of garrison of local police. Have found the child approximately in 14. 00 employees of criminal investigation department. The girl was in one of area Tyrgan shopping centres in a subconscious state. Into place at once have called first aid. As doctors if her have found a bit later speak, it could run into a diabetic coma. Now the child is in resuscitation, its status estimate as very heavy.

As it has appeared,   after school the girl has gone for a walk with schoolmates, and then did not begin to come back home, being afraid of punishment.