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At night in Ekaterinburg explosion has crumpled two cars

Tenants 14 - go houses on street of Metallurgists have woken up in four mornings from a powerful clap. Under the version of tenants, from - for gas bag explosion two cars parked in the neighbourhood have burnt down.

- Has woken up from shout of the woman and an unceasing sound of a horn, has looked out in a window – from - for neighbour`s 5 - etazhki brought down a black smoke, and the flame was seen. In 10 seconds explosion and a fiery flame as a nuclear mushroom, has risen above 5 - etazhki has thundered. There has shortly arrived GAI and firemen. Has this morning passed, has looked - costs « Volga » in which as I have understood, the gas bag, and nearby in what not guilty burnt down « has blown up; Chevrolet Lachetti » - eyewitness Vitaly has unsubscribed at a forum.

By data a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Sverdlovsk area, the flame has flashed in 3. 50, has done without victims. The exact reason of state of emergency is now specified.


the Photo of user Corderman from a site e1. ru .