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Citizens of Kazan are going to restore the Birchwood

Hurricane some years ago almost completely has destroyed favourite vacation spot of townspeople – the Birchwood in Derbyshkah. This year public men have decided to spend the biggest disembarkation of fur-trees and birches, having restored the lost grove.

the Action is called « the Tree of my life » organizers count that on May, 4th and 7 with 9. 00 mornings will set 10 thousand young trees on 100 hectares of the earth. Among those who has decided to carry out this action - the forestry Ministry, timber enterprise nursery, workers TSIOP « the Choice » Public organisation of support of sick children and aged « Lives - Yes! » Republics Tatarstans.

Ecologists consider that half of territory of a megacity should make parks, squares, avenues and simply green plantings. To help to make a city green and non-polluting everyone can.

All wishing to join the project « the Tree of my life » wait in the Birchwood in settlement Derbyshki that on May, 4th and 7 with 9. 00 mornings. With itself suggest to take sandwiches and thermoses with hot tea, and also gloves and   shovels. Saplings will be already on a place.