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The Chelyabinsk rescuer has caught for a hand jumped with a balcony the suicide

Yesterday, on April, 28th, on the Komsomol prospectus hardly there was no tragedy. The young woman has tried to jump from a balcony 9 floors. It has got through a handrail and has risen on a narrow parapet. The militia and first aid calmed her and ugovorivali not to jump, but mad burnt more and more. Then have called rescuers.

As informs a press - the centre of the Chelyabinsk urban service of the rescue, two fighters — Marat Butasov and Alexander Ivans — have made the way in apartment suitsidnitsy. While militiamen distracted its conversations, they quietly left on a balcony. The girl has turned back on rustle and has released a hand. It already has departed downwards, but jumped up Butasov has seized it by a hand, and appeared in time Ivanov has helped to drag the poor fellow on a balcony. Already in apartment to it have put a prick of the soothing. The woman was in such strong excitation that and could not explain the suicide reason. Now the militia understands that has finished it to such status.

« has learnt all about our heroes. Marat and Alexander — friends and workmates. In rescue service work already more than 10 years. On tasks always leave together. Like to go to campaigns and on fishing, often gather families. In rescue service say that Marat — the desperate guy, ready to jump both in fire, and in water, and Alexander — more judicious. Therefore they supplement each other in work. Butasov nurtures two daughters, and at Ivanov the son grows.

By the way, exploits of the Chelyabinsk rescuers already marked top-level. This year they received for the service the award « the Recognition ».

Alexander Ivans, 32 years.