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9 - the summer schoolgirl have brought down on a pedestrian crossing in the Vologda area

the Driver of a foreign car « Nissan Almera » has brought down the schoolgirl when the girl passed road on a pedestrian crossing. Incident happens in Kirillov the day before in the afternoon, 28 - go April.

As have informed the correspondent « » in a press - traffic police service on the Vologda area, « a zebra » on which there was a schoolgirl, have painted after winter some days ago. According to witnesses, the girl has started to cross proezzhuju a part and has stopped to look on the left. 27 - the summer driver of a foreign car has thought that it passes it and has not braked.

As a result of arrival Kirillov`s young inhabitant has strongly hit a head about asphalt. With brain concussion, grazes of the person, knees and brushes it delivered in the Central regional hospital.

Other road accident happens this very day in territory of Babaevsky area. Operating a motorcycle without the state number, 42 - the summer local resident has not managed to drive and has overturned.

Thus both the driver, and its passenger went without a helmet. As a result of falling goers have got insignificant traumas, them delivered in local hospital.