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In Ekaterinburg KamAZ sinks in a bog

It not the first truck which has got to a misfortune this week. On April, 26th the help was necessary for a waggon « Skanija ». On EKADe the driver bolshegruza, having punched a protection, has moved down in a bog. Got « Skaniju » the truck crane. Three business hours, and a waggon have put on feet. (See In Ekaterinburg from a bog pulled a waggon ) .

the Similar story but while without the happy ending, has happened the day before on a dirt road conducting with EKADa to the under construction complex « Inoprom ». Here in a bog KamAZ, gruzhennyj a solution has fallen. Eyewitnesses have assumed that the driver was prevented by narrow road or a carelessness.

the Truck at first has moved down in a ditch, and has then turned over on a roof. From blow a cabin has flattened out, the driver has had time to get out. So in the turned status the truck has spent night, gradually leaving in bog.   at the moment of shootings, in the morning on April, 29th, the car still was in water.


the Photo - « Night news ».