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The mayor of Irkutsk left on a platform against girls from Loko - Angara

This fascinating meeting &ndas h; the command of men - veterans led by the mayor against ours « skilled workers » volleyball &ndas h; to public promised still one year ago. However, the meeting - that has taken place, only Victor Kondrashov to take part in it then could not. Perhaps, for this reason skilled muzhiks have lost that match to little girls?  

Anyhow, but in a repeated meeting which has passed in Irkutsk on April, 27th in the sports centre « Spring » veterans have firmly been adjusted to take a revenge and to recoup for last year`s defeat. Mayor Victor Kondrashov left on a platform in the excellent sports form and obviously was not going to play a role of the second plan. On a platform Victor Ivanovich actively supervised over &ndash command; at times rigidly enough, but on business, after the passed balls something actively explained to chairman DFSK « the Locomotive » To Peter Kondratyev. Peter Alekseevich as a part of veterans too left on a platform. So the command of veterans has been completed completely.

That it is impossible to tell about girls. We this day libero have not seen Julia Kovalevu who in this season debuted in the command and has had time to be fallen in love to public. Also in structure has not appeared the captain « Loko - Angara » itself Anastas Golubeva. What is?

- Anything, - has explained the president of club of Valentine Andrianov which that evening and carried out duties of the judge - the informant, - - simply girls have decided to take for the personal reasons for vacation.

- That is as – for the personal reasons? A maternity leave? – anything to itself news, leaves, the Irkutsk command remains at once without two leaders?

- Is not present, usual holiday. Girls want to live home life, to have a rest from game.

Well, it is already explainable: both that, and another have more recently married, last year.

- the Season was difficult, - continues Valentine Georgievna, - and such happens: the banal weariness has collected, and it would be desirable to have a rest from everything, including from favourite business. Well, girls still have time prior to the beginning of early preparation. Probably, having had a rest, they will change the decision.

Anastas Golubeva with husband Ivan during a match is present on a tribune.

- And we thought you to see there, on a platform, - - spectators on a tribune sigh.

One more loss in a line-up – he/she is trainer Alexander Tsevelev with whom the club has decided not to prolong the contract. Why?

- the Result shown in this championship – the sixth place – us arranges, - - tells Valentine Andrianov, - - for the first year in incorporated higher league it is quite good. And we have left Tsevelevym not because it did not suit us. Simply next year we will put other purposes, higher, and under them, we consider, other trainer is necessary.

- Already have found?

- While is not present.

- With good trainers in the volleyball market negusto.

- And can, and to search it is necessary for nobody? The Local guru at times is better than the visitor. We have trainer Alexander Leonov whom many years work with the command, probably, we and will be limited to its nominee.  

Other losses, tells Valentine Georgievna, in structure while is not present: nobody has left Irkutsk in favour of other club and has not been deducted by a management for discrepancy to command level. The command management remains completely enough game of volleyball players in this season, including those who spent time most part in a stock.    

… And on a platform passions in the meantime boil. A grid it decided to fix at average height between female and man`s standards. Despite high growth and powerful blows of men, « Loko - Angara » consults not bad – for the time being.

For lack of two leaders on a platform a lot of time spends youth. As always, young Tatyana Gubarev, even at times too &ndash tries to prove; the desire gushes over, and time and again its too powerful blows send a ball in a miss, for platform limits.

On the party of little girls, except youth – the excellent technics, teamwork. The first set of the girl have lost quickly enough – 10:25. But in the second have imposed to rivals struggle and have won it – 25:21. In the third party again have lagged behind decently, and to catch up with rivals any more it was not possible. And here in the fourth party to the last it was not clear, who of whom. The bill that was compared, again « escaped » forward. However « dodavili » game nevertheless men. The bill 3:1 in favour of veterans.

Games of girls against adult men practise Irkutsk for a long time – in bandy. But nevertheless hockey – a contact kind, and there men « feel sorry » little girls, at times playing not at the full capacity. And how in volleyball? Veterans were not afraid to cripple girls the powerful giving?

- you that? – one of winners is perplexed. It it is heavy otdyshivaetsja in a platform corner, it is wiped by a towel, - - what there « to feel sorry »? It is sports, here all at the full capacity. At us health to finish has not sufficed, if we to little girls have allowed to hold on to five parties.

- At us middle age of players twice more than at little girls! – a companion echoes it.  

As they say, tired, but happy, commands left a hall.