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Young spouses have got to resuscitation after road accident with an elk

Yesterday, on May, 9th, about 12 o`clock in the afternoon on 4 km of a highway Uglich - Golovino has occurred terrible failure. The huge two-year-old elk has unexpectedly jumped out on a line in front of the moving car on decent speed « Nissan ».

the Driver could make nothing, arrival did not manage to be avoided. Blow has turned out such force that sohatyj has literally broken a car roof. The animal has died on the spot. 25 - to the summer driver and its young spouse, it is possible to tell, has carried. They by miracle remained are live, but both have received serious traumas. Them immediately delivered in resuscitation. According to preliminary data, at the driver the backbone is injured.

the reasons of this road accident now understand not only GAI officers, but also ohotovedy. Experts are perplexed, why such adult elk as if mad, has run out on road. With one-year-old animals all is clear, in the spring after parting with mother they start to migrate and search actively to themselves for new habitats. As to more adult individuals in opinion ohotoveda Sergey Sokolova from Petrovska, in May in lowlands of woods the special stupefying grass which oddly operates on elks starts to blossom. They really become stupid. On roads jump out not on one, and even small groups (read: « Having gorged on a dope - grasses, mad elks ram cars ») .

One more serious failure has occurred this time to the beaver today, on May, 10th, about three o`clock in the morning on 233 km of a highway « Holmogory » in Gavrilov - Jamsky area. Under car wheels « Mazda » the adult beaver, decided to run across a line has pleased. The animal was lost. The car has received considerable technical damages, at a foreign car the bumper is completely broken. The driver, fortunately, strongly has not suffered. At the man insignificant grazes and bruises. He has refused hospitalisation.