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The Petersburg schoolboys forced the friend a stick and removed it on video

the Occasion to aggression there was a loss of a ten-rouble piece of paper.

All happens in the end of April, 28 numbers. The company from five teenagers has gathered on waste ground near to settlement the Fox Nose.

Younger from children as happens it is accepted at teenagers, was « the six » which shpynjajut to carry out small commissions of the senior companions. That day it have sent behind beer, having given on purchase of 60 roubles. Having been frightened that beer will not sell, the boy was converted to the homeless with   the request to buy a bottle.   but the man has decided to take care about rising generation health - has taken away ten from the boy and, having refused to buy alcohol, has left.

that the guy has returned without a swill, schoolboys have decided to punish it. At first – the penalty in hundred roubles, but when   have learnt that money is not present – ekzekutsiej. Aggressive teenagers thrust a shovel shank in back pass of the child.  

Parents of the suffered schoolboy have learnt about terrible incident not the first.   teenagers removed mockeries at the contemporary on a mobile phone, and record was seen by schoolmates, and then and teachers of school. But for any reasons all of them have preferred to be silent.

When the information all - taki has reached parents, they were converted at once behind medical aid. Doctors have immediately informed on the victim   in police then four schoolboys - torturers have brought to the Seaside Department of Internal Affairs.

As it was found out, juvenile sadists – pupils of two schools of Seaside area. To the senior from teenagers only fourteen years. In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs « have informed that boys on the account in militia did not consist,   statements on them never arrived.

Similar cases in a city already happened, and never for children they pass completely.

it is competent:

- Children, having passed through violence, appear at the crossroads – to remain a victim or to become an aggressor, - tells « » the psychologist Anna Kondjakova . – the Most awful that the child can rise itself subsequently to the place of the offender. To help it to cope with such terrible situation, it is necessary that the child has urgently started to be engaged with the psychologist and, it is desirable, has replaced school. To me the adults who have passed through the similar sometimes come. Tell that from - for psychological traumas at them it has appeared all life is broken.

Today the Main investigatory management at investigatory committee of St.-Petersburg has filed criminal charges upon fulfilment of violent acts of sexual character concerning the minor.   a course of investigation took on personal control head GSU.