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In Mary El the two-year girl has eaten rat poison in a kindergarten

the Rat poison have left for rodents on feasts in a kindergarten « the Camomile » in New Torjalsky area. And after days off have forgotten to clean.

the Two-year girl has picked up a bait for rats about one of lockers and has decided to taste. Fortunately, to eat all powder it was not in time. Having noticed that lips at the child in a white powder, the teacher has run up and has taken away a poison. And the girl on « fast » have taken away in hospital.

There to it have made stomach washing. According to doctors, poisonings at the girl were not. She has not had time to swallow a powder but only has smeared lips.

And in a garden already check next day has begun.

As it has appeared, to poison rodents in a garden came dezinfektor branch of the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii. And the worker did not observe elementary sanitary requirements. Claims are and to managing a kindergarten which has not checked work of the employee.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed representations to heads of the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Soviet area and department of education of administration of New Torjalsky area, having demanded to solve a question on responsibility of the guilty.