Rus News Journal

OSCE Igor Smirnov   plans in October a meeting of the Moldavian and Dnestr members of parliament in Stockholm

; has explained the day before that the meeting should pass without preliminary conditions as open dialogue that representatives of parliament of Moldova and Dnestr region could express freely the opinion, exchange the points of view on various questions and, probably to bring the contribution to the decision of a political problem on coast of Dnestr .

Smirnov has noticed that the Dnestr party does not mind concerning carrying out of the given meeting and is ready to negotiating process .
It has reminded that the prime minister has invited - the minister of Moldova Vladimir Filata to make official visit to Dnestr region.
  - I have invited him to Bendery. We would stipulate economic problems for improvement of life of people. In particular, freedom of moving of cargoes, railway work. The done work by rail is an example when experts, and ours, both Moldavian and Ukrainian work. There was only a political decision. But, unfortunately Filat has not arrived, he has probably conceived the invitation as offence for its post or the person, and we wanted to talk on subjects of renewal of work of task forces, - Smirnov has told.  
  It has reminded OSCE delegations about a problem of the Moldavian tubercular prison in Bendery .  
  is an institution continues to work and is the instability centre in a safety zone. Though the arrangement on the termination of activity of the given establishment earlier has been reached. I ask to warn the Moldavian party about a non-admission of provocations in a safety zone. In particular we remember that the USA were constructed in Moldova specially by an institution to translate prisoners sick of a tuberculosis from the Moldavian prison in Bendery. However this prison continues to function, - the Tiraspol leader has noted.
  He has invited OSCE PAS to direct observers on presidential election which will pass in Dnestr region in December.