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In Novosibirsk the court over the murderer who has thrown the dying child to doctors

In Novosibirsk has begun the court over the Uzbek who has killed the sister of the girlfriend has begun, and has then tried to finish with its child.   the drama was played in one of apartments on Boris Bogatkova   this   in the winter. There the breathless corpse 28 - the summer Siberian, the criminal ispolosoval unfortunate a knife was revealed. But that it is even more terrible – the same method has finished with its one-year-old daughter …  

- In militia the message from maternity home, there by a taxi the suspect and it sozhitelnitsa which is necessary the sister lost has arrived, have brought the bleeding profusely child, - have told « » in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.  

And as soon as have passed doctors – have escaped. Physicians managed to save life to the babe, and militiamen have detained the villain and   have tried to restore a crime picture.

- on December, 5th last year   22 - the summer native of Uzbekistan   was on a visit at the sister of the acquaintance, - Marina Kinzhalova, the senior assistant on communications with mass-media of the head of Investigatory committee of area describes. -     in one of rooms   also was one-year-old   a daughter of the mistress of apartment.   during alcohol drinking,   the sister of the mistress has left to sleep, then   the mistress of apartment began to make a complaint   to the man concerning its finding in apartment. During the arisen quarrel,   accused   took   on kitchen the knife also has put to the woman not less than 29 blows. At this time the child   began to cry and shout loudly,   then the man has put five blows by a knife and to the child.

After that the murderer has woken the sister   the killed. That also has persuaded the murderer to take away wounded, but the live girl in hospital.   thanks to doctors the babe remained is live.  

- Besides, accused this evening   Has stolen the digital technics and gold ornaments for the sum more than 40 thousand roubles, - adds Kinzhalova.

Inspectors have filed criminal charges under articles « murder » « attempt at murder juvenile » and also « theft ». Today over the murderer litigation has begun.