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Kutuzov`s mother has made the complaint on the case of indemnification of moral harm after death of the son

on May, 6th George Kutuzov`s mother has directed the complaint which asks to cancel definition of cassation instance from the April, 13th, refused indemnification of moral harm to presidium of the Samara regional court. It is supposed that the complaint will be considered in two-month term, informed in a blog devoted to business of Kutuzov.

we Will remind, to Kutuzov`s court has submitted after a tragical case which has occurred to her son on March, 11th, 2010. George Kutuzov came back home, when it was stopped by girls from horse militia - Tatyana Terekhin and Lydia Kotova. Girls have considered that the man is drunk and have arrived with it rather unusually - have fastened handcuffs to a stirrup of a horse. But the trotter has incurred along the street, Kutuzov has dragged. As a result it has got into hospital with head serious traumas. And has and it came to pass died at itself on a summer residence, under the official version of a hemorrhage in a brain.  

Polina Kutuzov for causing of moral harm demanded five millions roubles. But it managed to seize only 200 000 roubles. But against this decision of Polina Andreevna has appealed against.