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For illegal criminal prosecution izhevchanin will receive 1000 roubles

One thousand roubles as indemnification for illegal criminal prosecution – the judgement was that. The former military man from Izhevsk accused of a deliberate tresspass to health for the purpose of evasion from military service.

Thanks to indications of the attending physician of military hospital where the soldier took place treatment with the diagnosis « eating erosion and an antritis » concerning the young man criminal case has been got. After intervention of legal experts criminal prosecution has been stopped.

Izhevchanina komissovali on a state of health. Military - the medical commission has found out that diseases were available for it to an appeal on involuntary service. And the former military man was converted into court with the claim about indemnification of moral harm.

- In spite of the fact that Military - the investigatory department for the victim had been recognised the right to rehabilitation in connection with the termination concerning it criminal case, the sum appointed the judge, does not compensate the transferred moral travails and does not restore the broken rights of the former military man, - the head of Prikamsky Remedial centre Rafis Latypov has declared. - therefore we will appeal against against the made decision in higher instance.