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In Tiraspol the taxi driver has beaten the passenger and has thrown out it from the car...

in Tiraspol on May, 9th at half past nine p.m. at a stop the driver of a private taxi has made scandal which has ended rukoprikladstvom, informs a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dnestr region. As a result the passenger has been literally thrown out from salon, and the taxi driver has hastened to disappear.

45 - the summer passenger has been urged to be converted behind medical aid and to write the application in militia. Degree of fault of each of participants of incident will be established during check.

in pominalnyj day directly in minibus salon have begun to sort out relations two families which were coming back from a cemetery. As a result both these families (in number of 6 persons) have appeared at first in hospital, and then   and in   militias. Under statements of victims there is begun check.

in the Department of Internal Affairs   Tiraspol   with the statement   the townswoman was converted. She asked to find and punish the malefactor who has defiled a tomb of her son – has broken and has thrown out a cross with the gravestone tablet. The person of the suspect, to be exact has been established by the suspect, the former friend of the declarant feeling now to it the strongest hostility has appeared it.