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Searchers from Buryatiya have found remains of 32 soldiers of the Great Patriotic War

From the next expedition to Moscow suburbs the republican search group " comes back; the Lynx . Searchers from Buryatiya worked in Podolsk area of Moscow Region, on places of fights 266 shooting regiments 93 - to it East - the Siberian shooting division. In it basically natives the Buryat - Mongolian ASSR ministered. Excavation conducted on border with the Kaluga region, on fields of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. In 1941 here passed violent fighting where the width of a front line made 80 metres.

- In woods situated near Moscow thousand warriors from Buryatiya were lost, - the head of group, the chief of department GU " has told; the Youth centre Vladimir Efremov. - Many of them and remained to lie on fields of battles. During Watch of memory mission of children - to lift bodies of the lost fighters, to try to specify surnames and perezahoronit with honours their remains. Worked under trying conditions as at this time in Pomoskove there was a sleet and a rain. As a result of work, from one German funnel, children have lifted remains of 32 soldiers. A name of one military man have already established.

As informs a press - service of committee on the youth policy of Buryatiya, search group the Lynx have noted on ninth of May have invited to solemn parade on Red Square. In the evening on ninth of May the group has visited at a solemn concert the Kremlin palace.