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The deputy: the Lvov nationalists - the same fascists

that has occurred in Lvov on May, 9th – result « rigid national propagation » in the western Ukraine, young vandals yet absolutely realise that do – they are encouraged with politicians who try to come to power on a nationalism wave, the head of committee of the State Duma of affairs of veterans Nikolay Kovalev (« considers; an United Russia ») .

In a Victory Day young men in Lvovene let veterans to assign wreaths to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Glory Hill, have arranged fight on the Mars field, burnt down and trampled down red flags, broke from people georgievskie ribbons … Nationalists have selected and have crushed a wreath which the consul general of Russia in Lvov Oleg Astakhov should assign on a military cemetery.

Barbarians have transformed a Victory Day into a nightmare for those who wanted pochtit memory of the lost brother-soldiers, fathers and grandfathers.

« Between nationalists in Lvov and German fascists it is possible to put an equal-sign safely. Instead of telling thanks people which have rescued the whole world from destruction, instead to please to political ambitions of some heads there are vandalism and barbarity which are characteristic just to fascists » - Nikolay Kovalev has told, making comments on yesterday`s events in Lvov.

It   has noticed that « The youth frequently does not give the report to the acts and, finding support of heads which on a nationalism wave try to come to power, go on similar terrifying acts ».

According to the deputy,   young men do not understand that if that far war was defeated by fascists, « there would be a destruction to a national sign and all who does not belong to Aryans » would be wiped out;.

« In fashistkoj ideologies there was a hegemony of one nation - the Aryan, all the others - are minor and are liable to destruction. They are silly persons (nationalists) who at all domyslivajut and underestimate that occurs. The Whole world tells us thanks, and only in Lvov do not suppose veterans to monuments » - the deputy has told.

« It is result of rigid national propagation which is characteristic for Ukrainians. Fortunately, Ukrainians not all are uniform in such relation to fights in days of the Great Patriotic War. The majority of them objectively and adequately estimate that has occurred » - Nikolay Kovalev has summed up.

In turn, the first vice-president of the Duma committee on the international affairs Leonid Slutsky named an event in Lvov « a shameful show ».

« that has occurred in Lvov on May, 9th, is a shameful show, the reviling of memory fallen, barefaced violation of Victory symbols » - he has told.

Leonid Slutskijtakzhe has noticed that reaction of governor Lvovshchiny who has declared that « is not clear; at it all easy also reigns democracy ».

« Such incidents should not remain without the answer. The Ukrainian authorities, at least, should find and punish immediately guilty of disorders in Lvov » - quotes RIA Novosti news agency of a word of the deputy.

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