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In Kazan relatives of the sunk schoolboy have collected 170 thousand roubles from rescuers

After the decision which has been taken out by district court, rescuers tried to protest a verdict. But the Sovereign court of Tatarstan has left it without changes. Thus, relatives of the sunk schoolboy of Marseilles Hajrullina will obtain compensation at a rate of 170 thousand roubles.

we Will remind, this tragedy has shaken not only all city, but even inhabitants of Europe who have learnt about it on a site « ».

In June of last year on a beach « the Locomotive » that is in line of Kazan, has sunk 16 - the summer schoolboy. Also can be, this tragedy would not receive such resonance, if not circumstance at which Marseilles was lost.

that day it has come to bathe with friends to Volga. Ninth-graders have handed over last Unified State Examination, and were on vacation. They already left on coast and gathered home as suddenly from water children`s shout was heard - the boy sank. Marseilles Hajrullin still was in water, and the first has rushed to the aid. It has reached the boy, has planted it on a back, and began to pull out on itself from depth. Has passed its swum up friend Iskanderu, and itself, having lost forces, has left on a bottom.

On shouts rescuers have come running, but, some times having dived under water, they have stopped searches. Have into place called divers, and they have lifted from the date of a breathless corpse of Marseilles.


A body of Marseilles divers
have pulled out the Photo: archive


According to friends of the lost schoolboy, during the moment when the child began to sink, rescuers were not on a place. And they have appeared only while on a bottom Marseilles has left.

But employees OSVOD of Kazan who worked in the summer on « the Locomotive » assured that they did not leave a beach, and have made everything that could.

Relatives of Marseilles Hajrullina tried to involve guilty in responsibility that in broad daylight on officially open beach the child was lost. But – without results.

Then lawyers of the Kazan remedial centre have helped mum, to the sister and the grandmother of Marseilles to make the claim in court on compensation of moral harm. Each of them asked to pay on one million roubles. It was supposed that this money will compensate it « the Water canal » On which balance there is a city beach.

Today the court has passed the decision: OSVOD to Kazan have obliged to pay 70 thousand roubles in favour of mother of the victim and on 50 thousand - in favour of the grandmother and the sister of Marseilles Hajrullina on account of indemnification of moral harm.

- To us it is not clear yet, on what basis the court has collected indemnification not with « the Water canal » monthly receiving millions roubles from the population, and from public organisation OSVOD of Kazan which does not have the income and money resources on to the bill, - are marked by the representative istits, the lawyer of Kazan remedial centre Regina of Shakirov. - we consider the awarded sum to the scanty and contradicting developed judiciary practice and after reception on judgement hands we will appeal against against it in the Sovereign court of Tatarstan.


Marseilles has pulled out from water 11 - the summer boy, on themselves at it forces any more have not sufficed
the Photo: archive


the boy Rescued by Marseilles - Vova Mokshin, now communicates with native the one who has literally presented to it the second life.

Today the court has interrogated the eyewitness of tragedy of Volodju Mokshina who has been rescued by Marseilles Hajrullinym. 12 - the summer boy has confirmed that is direct during state of emergency did not see the rescuers obliged continuously to be on the Kazan beach « the Locomotive ».

During debate respondents - representatives of the Municipal unitary enterprise « the Water canal » and   rescue Societies on waters (OSVOD) asked to refuse to Kazan satisfaction of the three-million claim, the representative of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies on session was not. The employee of Office of Public Prosecutor insisted on partial satisfaction of the claim.