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Chess: Kramnik and Grishchuk left in a semi-final of a match of applicants for a chess crown

Last night in a quarterfinal of a match of applicants for a chess crown which passes in Kazan, the Russian grand masters have broken resistance of the rivals. Alexander Grishchuk has beaten out from struggle of Levona Aronjana from Armenia. Four parties with classical control have not revealed the winner. To pull out victory of Grishchuku it was possible only in the fourth « fast party » on thaw - a break.

Vladimir Kramnik with Tejmurom Radzhabovym from Azerbaijan also has at all finished badly to blitsa, having won in it victory with the bill 1,5:0,5.

Now Kramnik and Grishchuk will meet in a semi-final. In other pair the American of Russian origin of Gata Kamsky will battle to israelite Boris Gelfand. Both have defeated the basic parties: Kamsky Gelfand - Shahrijara Mamedjarova has beaten out Bulgarian Veselin Topalov, and.

we Will remind that the winner of a match will receive 90 thousand euro and possibility to battle for a chess crown from Vichy Anand.


From regulations:

Quarterfinals and semi-finals consist of four parties, the ending - from six parties. In case of neutral exod of the winner will define fast chess and a blitz.
time supervision: 120 minutes on 40 courses, 60 minutes for 20 next, 30 minutes till the end of party and 30 seconds of addition on a course, since 61 - go.
Starting time of parties: 15. 00 Moscow time. Semi-finals start on May, 12th.