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To the Tula veteran who has remained without a roof over the head, promise a grant for habitation

celebratory salute in honour of 66 anniversaries from the date of Great   Has died down; Victories. Have passed also celebratory actions on which celebrated our defenders. It has been much told warm words to the people protecting us in terrible years of war. And what further?
we Will remind that shortly before a feast in a family of one veteran of the Great Patriotic War there was a misfortune.

At Gabdrahmana Tagirova has burnt down that unique house in which he lived with a family.   now the veteran, his daughter and grandsons on - former wander on neighbours and native. At Tagirovyh does not remain anything. Have burnt down things, furniture, the technician. They managed to rescue only a few clothes and documents. The person to whom now 85 years, simply remained without a roof over the head.

we Will remind that « » in Tula » Has sent the letter to the first deputy of the head of administration of Tula to Michael Ivantsovu and the governor of the Tula area Vyacheslav Dudke with the request to help the veteran of the Great Patriotic War of Gabdrahmanu Tagirovu. Today from the first deputy of the head of administration of Michael Ivantsova the missive - the answer has come.

... 10. 04. 2011 in the specified house there was a fire in which result the dwelling became unsuitable for residing. On April, 26th the daughter of the veteran was converted into management of municipal available housing concerning granting of habitation to her father. Explanations about a statement order on the account as living conditions of veterans of the Great Patriotic War needing improvement for the purpose of granting of measures sotspodderzhki on maintenance with habitation are made to it and it is recommended to be converted into the interdepartmental commission on the Central area for a recognition of the burnt down house unsuitable for residing.

According to Nelli Tagirovoj, she tried to put in the necessary statement, but there were reasons on which it have not accepted.

By the way, today to it have called from a city administration, and have told that she needs to put in the statement that burnt down house recognised as unsuitable for residing and have put on the account as living conditions of veterans of war needing improvement.
on consideration of the statement and statement on the account as needing improvement of living conditions can leave 2 - 3 months. When the veteran can precisely receive a grant while it is not known.

now the grant for maintenance with habitation makes 1 million 24 thousand 200 roubles.