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In Tatarstan the pedophile have calculated on drawings of its victim

12 - the summer inhabitant of Almetyevsk area visited correctional boarding school. As well as other children, it was taken away home for the weekend by mum and the stepfather. Here only after such days off the girl came back the closed.

teachers and the psychologists working with children For good reason undertook. They have suggested the girl to draw their family, their relations. And then 12 - the summer schoolgirl has drawn the stepfather the bared. The psychologists shaken by a terrible guess have decided to specify, a leah have correctly understood drawing, and have suggested the schoolgirl to tell that she feels to the husband of mother. And she has responded that « would break off it on small slices » and even has drawn it.

Together with drawings the principal has carried the statement in police.

the made investigation has shown that 39 - the summer inhabitant of Almetyevsk area, using that the spouse left the house for work and on affairs, repeatedly refined forced the child. For the first time it happens in 2008 when to the babe was only 9 years.

Then the adult man, being in an alcohol intoxication, has beaten the girl and has promised it to kill. In total inspectors have counted 13 episodes of the crimes made on sexual soil.

- Criminal case is passed in court for its consideration in essence, - have informed in a press - service of SOU SKR on RT.