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Near Volgograd the three-year boy was lost, having seized for the bared wires

the House 30 - summer Svetlana Sorokinoj from farm Deminsky New Anninsky area have disconnected several months ago – mother of four children had nothing to pay for light. Without thinking twice, the woman has employed local hard workers, and those have connected it to the house of neighbours which have not entered into a course of business. As a result the bared wires were spread on all garden of Sorokinyh.

in the Evening on May, 9th 3 - summer Artem after a rain has gone for a walk on street. In a garden the kid has slipped and has seized small handles for the bared wire - through it   has passed the current category   in 220 volt. The child has died on the spot.

- neighbours At once have run together, mother has jumped out. But the ambulance surgeons who have arrived on a call needed to ascertain only   death. Check is now spent. Leah while it is impossible to tell criminal case upon death, but useless mother who did not watch the kid will be precisely brought, we will be engaged now. Probably of it will deprive of the parental rights to other children, - Edward Japparov, the inspector of New Anninsky MrSO SK SKR across the Volgograd region speaks .

Names are changed at the desire of a consequence.