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Admirers have said goodbye to Svjatoslavom Zaderiem

the Founder cult fate - groups « Alisa » Svjatoslava Zaderija read the burial service in the Prince - the Vladimirskiy cathedral. After the bus with relatives has left, admirers of Svjatoslava still some time stood at a temple, without believing that of the favourite musician just have waited a funeral.

Scarfs with an inscription « Alisa » T-shirts with the image of Zaderija, kosuhi, fragmentary jeans and the tied up black scarfs on hands   - on clothes it was easy to learn fans.

- I the fan of its creativity from the very beginning so we will tell, from sources, - tells Inna.   - now it is a lot of « young, green alisomanov » which have started to listen more recently « Alisu ». And so, for them « Alisa » is Konstantin Kintchev. When on the Internet there was an information that the founder fate - groups the majority of fans have thought what exactly Kintchev has died.

After cremation will pass funeral of the musician. Zaderija will bury today on the Bolsheohtinsky cemetery near to the father. The musician still had daughter, the widow - Ajgul Bakirova and 79 - summer mum.

the Concert of memory of Svjatoslava Zaderija will pass on May, 23rd at 19:00 in RockCaf é which is in the street Pioneer. All money obtained from sale of tickets, will pass a family of Svjatoslava.

we Will remind, on thirtieth of April fate - the musician have brought in reanimatsionnoe branch of Pokrovsk hospital. Throughout a week doctors struggled for his life, the wife of the musician collected means for expensive treatment, but all efforts have appeared are vain.  

And on sixth of May, about midnight Svjatoslav has died.  

Konstantin Kintchev and Oleg Garkusha
the Photo: the Author