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At one of the schoolboys forcing &l aquo; the friend &r aquo; a shovel, parents - businessmen

the History round group rape of the schoolboy by a shank from a shovel in Fox to the Nose continues to acquire new details. As it is known, teenagers not casually have gone on such cruelty. Thus they have punished most younger of them for the gone ten roubles (read here more in detail).  

Next day after the terrifying story has filtered into mass-media, the representative by the rights of the child in Petersburg has met participants ekzekutsii. Children have calmed ombusmena that it was simple game. Besides the victim of harm on them does not hold (read here) more in detail.

- Children from safe families, - Svetlana Agapitova has shared impressions the children`s ombudsman, without hiding that the fact   all the same remains scandalous.

That such a safe family the representative by the rights of the child has not specified. Most likely, it means that on the account in police anybody does not consist of members of household.

As our colleagues from " have found out; the Moscow Member of the Komsomol families at all participants of group punishment different under the social status. Parents of the senior from schoolboys of Jury, for example, - businessmen. Pupils of school have told about it to journalists.

- that day Jura simply passed by, - schoolboys speak. - has seen zavarushku, and has decided to approach to look.  

That has occurred it is possible to see on video further, to publish which persistently did not recommend Roskomnadzor (read here more in detail). devjatiklasnik, approached to take an interest game it is active in it has participated, holding a victim with hands when that escaped.

Unfortunately, parents of the ninth-grader unique whom can theoretically punish for dirty games ( a comment The author - Jure already is 14 years), with our colleagues have refused to communicate.  

- the Son we will protect, - slamming a door of the white private residence close to gulf of Finland, mum Jury has assured correspondents.

And its schoolmates have told that Jura at school after a sensation does not appear.  

- Parents at it strict, - have added schoolboys.