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In Nizhni Tagil five men

At seven o`clock in the evening to rescuers are killed on May, 13th the signal about a fire in the house along the street Kutuzov in Tagilstroevsky area of Nizhni Tagil has arrived ordinary at first sight. When firemen have coped with fire have seen a terrible picture.

- in apartment on the ground floor there were scorched corpses of five men. Doubts was not that death violent. On bodies the knife wounds, - the head has told a press - services of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh. - on a scene the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area Yury Ponomarev and chief GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on area Michael Nikitin have left.

detectives already have established Persons of three victims: 39 - summer Stanislav Sirotkin, 37 - summer Michael Razumov and 25 - the summer owner of apartment Denis Jurev

to the two More visitors who were lost from blow by a knife, by sight 25 - 30 years. Loud murder have already opened. Two murderers now in a site. But interrogate them cannot, they that is called, a bast do not knit.

- Both strongly drunk. On clothes at them have found brown stains of blood. And on one of them there was a cap of the killed man. About the punishment reasons it becomes known only in the morning while they not in status something to explain, - Valery Gorelyh has added.

Under the preliminary version, knifing has happened during a feast. But more exact conclusions detectives name later. For now guards have got criminal case under article murder of two and more persons . Murderers are threatened with lifelong term.