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For repair of schools of Novosibirsk will allocate in addition 250 million

with City authorities it has been decided to allocate for repair of schools this year 250 million roubles more. It is connected by that in the beginning of year new sanitary requirements have come into force, and many educational institutions of a city have received writs from various department on elimination of infringements. That, however, it is no wonder - after all some schools in Novosibirsk have been constructed even before war and tens years were not under repair.

- additional means will be directed first of all on repair of the schools passing licensing on educational activity, - the deputy chief of Central administrative board of education of the mayoralty Nikolay Mezentsev has explained. Is 143 educational institutions from 160, supervising bodies which have received writ.

this year already at two schools capital complex repair - 100 and 186 is conducted. Now there all will be equipped according to new rules, including shower booths in sports halls, and in classes of an initial link - cranes with cold both hot water and protections on batteries will be established. The part of works at schools is already spent - facades of buildings are strengthened, overlappings, windows and doors are replaced. Besides, major repairs oidaet school 120 Zaeltsovsky areas.