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To inhabitants of the Tomsk region have forbidden to burn down a dry grass and garbage

From - for the become frequent fires into areas the order of the governor enters a special fire-prevention mode.   this measure the area management hopes to warn fires and to provide security of people.  

« In connection with introduction of a special fire-prevention mode of the head of municipal unions are obliged to provide the notification of the population in case of occurrence of threat of emergency situations, to enter a mode of restrictions on visitation of woods by the population, to forbid carrying out agricultural palov, otzhigov and burning of garbage and a dry grass » - the press - services   is told in the message; GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Tomsk region.

Also it allowed to finish instructions works on arrangement fire-prevention mineralizovannyh strips round the settlements adjoining large forests, to create stocks of primary fire extinguishing means in settlements, to organise check of readiness of fire reservoirs and fire hydrants.

« Forces   and means of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Tomsk region, the state fire service are translated in a mode of the raised readiness » - it is told in the message.

By the way

According to the code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences, infringement of fire prevention rules in woods in the conditions of a special fire-prevention mode attracts the penalty for citizens from 3 to 4 thousand roubles, for officials from 10 to 20 thousand roubles, for legal - from 100 to 200 thousand roubles.