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In the Pskov area mummy deprived of civil rights nearly has not killed the child

on May, 11th in 14. 25 on 28 km of road Pskov - Palkino in a ditch « has departed » the car « Volkswagen - the Trade wind ». As it has appeared, at the wheel was 20 - the summer woman without a driving licence, with it in the car there was a daughter 2000 year of birth. As a result of road accident the driver was traumatised lungs and after medical aid rendering has been released home, the girl is in children`s regional hospital.  

in the Afternoon on May, 11th in a court yard of one of the Pskov houses there was the failure the carelessness of the driver became which reason, most likely. In 13. 55 in a court yard of the house 52 under the Riga prospectus 52 - the summer driver « Ford - Focus » handing over to a backing, has driven on 77 - the summer woman going on proezzhej of a part   roads. As a result the old woman   with various traumas delivered in city hospital.  

it is concrete

For the last days employees of traffic police have registered 5 road accidents in which result of 6 persons have got traumas of various severity level.

12 drivers are detained in an alcohol intoxication.

For days one stealing is made. In Velikie Luki     VAZ - 2103 white colours (gos was gone. nomers 554 IT 60).