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In the Tomsk region the fire in Podlomske

the Heavy fire in village Podlomsk of Tomsk area is extinguished it was possible to localise. Now   firemen extinguish the rests   kindlings.

we Will remind: the fire in village proceeded more than 5 hours.   has completely burnt down 12 houses, has partially suffered from fire three more. Seven buildings, fortunately, were uninhabited. And victims from fire are not present victims, 13 children from the burnt down houses will be sent in school in village Turuntaevo.  

to liquidate a fire 105 persons and 26 fire-engines were required from above. On a place the operative group of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Tomsk region works. The reasons   a fire   are now found out. On preliminary   someone from inhabitants has admitted versions has fallen a dry grass. From - for a strong wind fire was quickly threw at first on uninhabited houses, and then from - for dense buildings, apartment houses in village have started to burn already.

it was possible to All inhabitants in due time   to leave burning structures.

Without a roof over the head there were some tens persons, now the administration of Tomsk area solves a question on granting of the necessary help by it.