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In Mexico have found bodies more than 200 victims narcowars

In the Mexican state of Durango in the north of the country mass burial places of victims of dismantlings between narcocartels where 201 body of the people killed by criminals reposed are found out.

On   to words of the governor of staff, among the buried can be both stolen, and police officers. Experts assert that bodies have been buried about four years ago.

Several days before the policeman possible to arrest one of key members of large Mexican narcocartel « Sinaloa » (Sinaloa), arranging bloody dismantlings, Interfax passes.  

In the beginning of April in staff of Tamaulipas some tens same « were revealed; communal graves » in which there were 145 bodies. According to preliminary data, it is migrants from the countries of Central America, going to the USA by buses. While the police managed to establish persons only two victims of a rough handling.

we Will remind, the president of Mexico Felipe Calderon after coming to power in 2006 has declared organised crime and drug mafia war. According to the experts, annually through territory of Mexico to the USA, Europe and Asia it is thrown drugs for a total sum to 40 billion dollars.

Considering universal corruption among the state and police ranks, for struggle against a drug trafficking Calderon has been urged to involve army.

the leader of the Mexican narcocartel « on December, 16th, 2009 has been killed; Sinaloa » Arturo Beltran Lejva for which capture the Mexican authorities promised compensation at a rate of 2,1 million dollars. After that murders the largest drug barons of the country have declared that will revenge the authorities. Also promised to spend « acts of intimidation ».

the country Government undertakes emergency measures, but as practice has shown, not in a status to provide security of the citizens.

From the beginning of 2006 « narcowars » in Mexico have carried away lives about 35 thousand persons. The last 2010 became the bloodiest in the history of the country: from hands of gangsters 15,273 thousand persons were lost.

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