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The Novokuybyshevsk drug dealer have sentenced to term and the penalty

It is denounced 20 - the summer inhabitant of Novokuybyshevsk Andrey Rossa - one of organizers OPG, delivering heroin in an area colony. For delivery of drugs in especially large size and involving in this dirty business of minors to it a distance of 6 years and 1 month of imprisonment in colonies of a high security and the penalty - 80 thousand roubles.

the main organizer OPG, 58 - summer Nikolay Kudashov,   has died before the consequence termination. Criminal case concerning it has been stopped.

the Grouping operated with   February, 2009. Rossa, using related communications, got heroin lja the further sale, rented habitation and hired minors (12 - 16 - summer teenagers, children of relatives and acquaintances, and also homeless children). They packaged and marketed heroin. Rossa, in coordination with Kudashovym, specified them places of meetings with buyers and quantity of marketed heroin. Thus members of group observed conspiracy measures: constantly changed sim - the maps registered on the third parties, code words and pseudonyms were used.

Yesterday the sentence has entered validity. According to UFSK across the Samara region