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On &l aquo; the Day of wrath &r aquo; in Kiev 300 persons

In Kiev have come today nearby has passed next a day of wrath . Nearby 300 persons have gathered in Mariinsk park, near to the Supreme Rada for a protest action. The basic requirements holding a meeting: increase of a salary to state employees, resignation of the president and members of the cabinet.   details at   our colleague in region Tarasa Kozuba.

some hundreds persons have this morning gathered For the areas before the Supreme Rada. Organizers promised to make the action termless. Among requirements resignation of the president, the supreme bodies of the power and immediate increase of social payments. It is necessary to notice that the action was the day before forbidden by Pechersky court of Kiev. According to a Themis, protest actions can lead to infringement of a usual daily routine of inhabitants of Kiev.

In Kiev today the Day of wrath

However opposition forces have found a way out. They have presented it as dialogue of People`s Deputies of Ukraine with voters. The city centre has been almost blocked by police officers, 400 employees of Internal troops who have brought to a city from the nearest settlements were on duty about thousand Kiev militiamen and more. Militiamen did not interfere with passage of demonstrators. However, as it became known just, 3 persons &hellip are detained;

the Authorities have forbidden meeting carrying out to suppress the fact of national discontent. However, considering not mass character of the action, percent of really dissatisfied Ukrainians enough small – there were nearby 300 persons - the correspondent " has informed; .

At the moment on the area before the Supreme Rada remains nearby 50 - ti the person, the others have gone home. All arrested persons are already released home.