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The special fire-prevention mode is entered in territory of the Tomsk region

the Special fire-prevention mode entered in territory of the Tomsk region. In region has during the last days burnt down some tens houses. With details our colleague in region Marina Rybak.

last two days cases of occurrence of fires in territory of the Tomsk region have become frequent. Emergency situations have occurred in village Ulu - Jul of May Day area. There has burnt down two 8 - condominiums. In village Molchanovo has burnt down 6 apartments. 7 houses are destroyed by fire in village Gusevo of Shikarsky area. And it is literally yesterday in village Podlomsk of Tomsk area has burnt down 12 houses. 13 children from this village have been evacuated in the next village.

in this connection governor of the region Victor Kress was converted to inhabitants with an appeal to show vigilance and to inform on any noticed kindlings. Head of area considers as the main reasons of incidents of last days paly a dry grass, forest fires and casual handling of local population fire. Also the governor has underlined that very poorly spend work local authorities. They, on it
to opinion, do not provide due protection of territory against fires.

from - for a current situation the special fire-prevention mode is entered into areas. Thereby the region management hopes to warn new fires and to provide security of people - has informed the correspondent .

now it is forbidden to Local population to spend selsko - economic paly, to burn   garbage and a dry grass. Also there is an order to limit visitation of woods. Infringers will fine.