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Voronezh &l aquo; the Torch &r aquo; has drawn with Moscow &l aquo; a Torpedo &r aquo;

the First time has begun with attacks « the Torch ». Twice after passes from flanks defenders « a Torpedo » only at the last minute liquidated threat. Game went cheerful, support of fans was, as always, at level. And this time there have arrived many fans of visitors. And on « the North » where have settled down ultras « the Torch » and on « the South » where fans from Moscow have settled down, to the people was practically fifty-fifty. Fans « the Torch » scanned « For Voronezh, for victory! » « to Struggle and conquer ». The opposite tribune responded « It is black - white ». And muster has then gone was ill both commands. Fans shouted « Russian, forward! ». In a word, not worse, than at English stadiums.

To the middle of the first time the match picture has developed the such: « the Torch » was not so able, but obstinately climbed forward, visitors responded dangerous counter attacks. In one of them Gavrjuk has struck mighty blow from - for limits penal – by. « the Torch » has responded even more dangerously, after draw angular Mikhalev has got into a bar.

In the second time of the command began to play open football: one dangerous attack replaced another. On 54 - j to minute at « the Torch » there was a perfect moment to open the bill. Dangerous blow of Klevinskas has beaten off before itself, and Goats was not exact on dobivanii. « a Torpedo » has responded powerful blow of Hozina with penal on 61 - j to minute –   by. On 65 - j after angular Kolesnikov beats, apparently, for certain, - the bar plays for « a Torpedo ». On 73 - j to minute already Klikin rescues after heading of Polozhani. In two minutes an exit in private on gate « the Torch » - Blow – by. As a result on blows the big advantage « the Torch » on the dangerous moments approximate equality, on a board – zero. Voronezhtsy type the eighth point and remain at the bottom of standings.


Igor Chugajnov, the head coach « a Torpedo »:

- Game was equal, the result is natural. It is ready to answer your questions.

- Whom could allocate in structure « the Torch »?

- the Command strong enough, dimensional attacking Jankauskas and Goats created pressure at our gate.

- In the previous house games there were many censures to quality of the Voronezh lawn. How you estimate it?

- On measures first leagues a field good. Before a match have spent training: it seemed that the lawn is perfectly in order, there are separate ruts, but it is a little of them. In a word, the field did not prevent to play.

- As to you the Voronezh spectators in comparison with Moscow? At you not so it is a lot of to people on games goes …

- Probably it is not necessary to compare the unique command in areas and Moscow, where set of known clubs. On « a Torpedo » go on five - six thousand spectators, and I consider that it is normal.

Konstantin Sarsanija, the head coach « the Torch »:

- In my opinion, our command had advantage, tactics have chosen correct, but we can not hammer. Here both the bad luck, and a skill lack affects. Many our football players still played recently in the second league, therefore to pass to new level while hardly.

- Perhaps the father to invite?

  - Invited, yet does not help.

- a leah Be going to amplify in inter-season period?

- All rests against money. We will tell, Kushov, Kulchy were not against to play in our command. But we will not pull their contracts.

- Why goalkeeper Dyachenko who has fine proved on departure did not play?

- Feodor has received ankle damage. Klikin today has defended on a zero, means, has played well.

- After game with « CHernomortsem » there were many claims to Klopkovu. A leah credit of trust is great to it?

- I Consider its as one of the best players of the team, and I do not see necessity to change to it of the relation from - for unique not   the hammered penalty. Happened, and great players did not hammer in solving games of the World championship.

- And how estimate game of Gerasimenko?

- It and Logua – young talented football players. While children are insufficiently stable: Successful actions alternate to losses of a ball which can turn back dangerous counter attacks.   but from it I am not going to pickle them in a stock, let get hand in.