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In a museum of October area of Novosibirsk gave to drink to visitors tea

Visitors here was a little, but also to be empty to an exhibition it was not necessary. As guides, « have neatly estimated attendance; and it is not boring, and to have a rest time is ».

- Earlier the October area was called as Zakamensky. And, I to you will tell, it was a dashing place: even horse patrols here were afraid to call in! – has told « the employee of a museum Igor Kostylev.

In a museum of history and development of October area an exposition to « Museum night » named « Three youth of one area ». Better to say, have prepared three thematic surroundings from life of our city of different years: times of building of the railway bridge, occurrence of the first schools in Novosibirsk, and – Yury Gagarin`s flight in space. It was possible to try to iron clothes the wooden iron as it was done by our ancestors, or to try to write something a feather, having felt itself as the schoolboy of the beginning of the last century. In the end - the ends, it was possible to sit down in « a corner of apartment of the engineer » and to honour newspaper release « » informing that yesterday for the first time the world in space was visited by the Soviet person.

- Pay attention – the vacuum cleaner « the Seagull ». It is named in honour of the first woman - Valentina Tereshkovoj`s cosmonaut which had such call sign. And it, in turn, took to itself such call sign, because one of the dogs sent in space (but not come back back), called the Seagull, - the guide has clicked the toggle-switch, and the vacuum cleaner, to delight of visitors, has obediently raised a howl. The guide on stories of October area has enough smiled: – Works!

the October museum accepted today visitors free of charge. By the way, in the end of excursion stories of the building where the museum is located suggested to concern visitors a few. Many years ago in this house was tea. Therefore there and then, among museum pieces, it was possible to take gorjachenkogo from a thick glass tumbler and zahrustet drying. As hundred years ago...