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The park of butterflies enticed Siberians space a gecko

Park of butterflies which this year has taken part in « Museum night » too has tried to connect the exposition with astronautics (as - in any way, 2011 - j it is declared in Russia by year of astronautics – a bus Comment) . And, though, at first sight, at cheshuekrylyh with rockets of the general it is not enough, the exit was:

- It has appeared that in space, among other animals, geckoes flied. And at us one just lives such – a gecko currents, - have told « » workers of park.

the Originator « space » underlying reason of participation of park in the action it is lazy looked at people crowding at a terrarium. For today of visitors was so many that reptiles (and them in park much) rather were tired and inertly did attempts to fall asleep. And butterflies – main « a counter » exhibitions – were passive in the evening and preferred nizmenno to creep, instead of loftily to soar.

the Park of tropical butterflies was the most expensive place where passed « Museum night ». The adult ticket costs 250 roubles that has generated many the unpleasant moments on cash desk – many townspeople have been assured that this evening the park works free of charge. However, despite the high price to look on winged mansions of jungle on Saturday have come about thousand Siberians.