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Chess: Kamsky Kramnik - Grishchuka

Today in Kazan the third parties of a semi-final pretendentskogo a match - tournament with a prize fund of 420 thousand dollars have taken place. Z and the right to play for a chess crown with operating world champion of Vichy Anand continue to struggle Boris Gelfand who plays with Gatoj Kamsky. In other pair two Russian grand masters Vladimir Kramnik and Alexander Grishchuk have converged. Today both parties have come to the end in a draw. If and tomorrow results are not, rivals will continue to play fast chess.

From regulations

Quarterfinals and semi-finals consist of four parties, the ending - from six parties. In case of neutral exod of the winner will define fast chess and a blitz.
Time supervision: 120 minutes on 40 courses, 60 minutes for 20 next, 30 minutes till the end of party and 30 seconds of addition on a course, since 61 - go.