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The citizen of Kazan killed by the neigbour for an attack on its children, was accused earlier of robbery

Today in Vahitovsky district court of capital of Tatarstan the court over Elvira Madjarovoj has begun. The woman accuse that it killed the neighbour Aydar Fattahova.

we Will remind, the tragedy has occurred in October of last year. From criminal case materials: « on October, 3rd, 2010 about 1 o`clock in the morning accused of a course of the arisen quarrel   has put   9 blows by a knife in area of a head, a back, feet and a thorax 25 - the summer man. As a result he has died from the received wounds at an entrance of the same house ».

the Black cat has run between on friendly terms neighbours Aidoj (Aydar`s wife) and Elvira when someone has broken a window in apartment Aidy and has pierced wheels of their car. Aida and Aydar have decided that this handwork   15 - summer Vlad - Elvira`s son.

- in the Evening on October, 2nd to us militiamen home have come and have declared that Vlad should go with them, - Elvira remembers. – I have told that I will go together with the son: Vlad the minor, and at me still the small little son, one not to leave it. But then militiamen have got handcuffs and have tried to take away the boy force.

Elvira with scandal, but the son « has defended ».   Militiamen have left, and Elvira, having left children of the house, has solved to walk .   Having returned to o`clock in the morning (it was already on October, 3rd), the woman has met at Aydar`s entrance and the man unfamiliar to it. As she said, men in hands had hammer and a knife.

- And thy Vlad admitted that it both glass has broken it, and tyres has pierced, - has taken aback the woman the neighbour.

- Give we will rise to us, and let Vlad it at me will tell, - Elvira has offered.

Have risen together – the stranger remained at an entrance.

- Vlad has opened a door, I look, and at it for fear hands and lips shiver, - with horror Elvira remembers. – and at younger on a cheek - a palm print. In apartment the present defeat.

the Teenager wanted was to tell swear that has occurred, but Aydar has seized it and has dragged in a bedroom. Began to beat Vlad and to demand, that that at mother admitted both about glass, and about tyres. Mother who has terrified for children has seized a knife.

- I at all do not understand as this stranger   the knife at me in hands has appeared. But I have rushed on the neighbour. I remember that has struck it in a neck, in a chest, then it was developed to me by a back, and I have stuck and into a back, - the woman cries. – I could push out it on a staircase, close a door but also then it continued to break to us, and then all became silent.

Aydar has died Of loss of blood and the knife wounds directly at an entrance in some minutes.

« Cursed » the militiaman became suffered

the Woman have arrested. And her son has given evidences:   has told that has occurred that evening.

- When at a door have called, I thought, she is mum have returned, here and have opened, - Vlad remembers. – but it was Aydar and any guy. They have started to shout at once at me that it I have broken glass and that I admitted. Rolan has woken up and has begun to cry, then someone from them has struck the brother on the person.

the Teenager wanted to go to a room, to calm the child, but men have seized it for grudki and began to beat.

- Me have some times knocked on the head, in a chest, it was sick, Rolan cried, - a shivering voice Vlad told. – the neighbour and that guy have started to break a hammer furniture, threw off and beat ware. They demanded, that I have confessed and have told everything, as glass, and tyres – all it were made by me.

But the teenager what did not admit. He waited that for about a minute for a minute mum will return and this horror will stop. Mums all was not, and adult muzhiks continued to destroy furniture, ware in the house. When they have left, Vlad has closed a door and has tried to calm Rolana. That minute mum has returned also, and together with it Aydar has entered also.

At first Elvira Madjarovu accused of murder at excess of necessary defence.

But in some months in business one more article &ndash was added; for the reviling of the representative of the power.


Mother worries that without it to protect the son the Photo will be nobody
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Guards have remembered to it and the conflict to their colleagues from department of private security which came for Vlad. As the victim recognised one of militiamen – its Elvira has cursed a floor-mat. The second as it was found out, removed all it on video   the mobile phone. So, the fact « revilings and humiliations of honour and worthiness of the police officer » you will not challenge!

From criminal case materials: It was expressed by obscene abuse in this connection one of police officers has suggested it to stop illegal behaviour. However the woman continued to be expressed by unprintable words, without giving any value to words of the guard .

After even some time, charge by Madjarovoj retrained on heavier article - « murder ». If for excess of self-defence to it would threaten at the best two years freedom restriction (it could bail and go it to be marked, a comment avt), in the worst – two years of a colony. Now to it shines   real punishment - from 6 till 15 years of imprisonment.

Mother has taken the fault the son?

All this history has quickly become known. About it have told   almost all mass-media of Kazan. The opinion of townspeople was divided. One were indignant and protected mother who has risen on protection of children. Others have started to assert that it is the son - the teenager has struck a knife of the neighbour, and mother has incurred its fault.

- Vlad killed nobody! - repeats Madjarova. Are relatives of the victim already next day have started to tell that it ostensibly already was in trouble with militia and even was we judge. All is lie!

the Hackneyed teenager   as the victim do not recognise

All this time   Elvira and its lawyer try to achieve, that militiamen   have made investigation upon Vlad`s beating.   that the teenager was traumatised, the medical inquiry confirms also. However     pravoohraniteli do not hurry to get criminal case. Vlad till now nobody recognised as the victim though after visit of Fattahova and Valiev doctors have found at it numerous bruises, brain concussion.


Despite the inquiry from fracture clinic, Vlad the victim nobody recognised
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robbery investigation &ndash is not conducted also; and we will remind, after « visit » Aydar and its friend – as it was found out before the offender for Marata Valiev`s robbery,     Elvira`s apartment has been torn thoroughly down. Though to it there are indications from a scene. And Valiev on interrogations on the case of death of the friend did not hide that they have come to apartment Madjarovyh not « tea to drink » and « wanted to engage in hooliganism a little ». Did not deny also that a hammer have broken ware and furniture, intimidating children.

- I was some times converted with the requirement to file criminal charges concerning Marata Valiev for robbery, but till now it have not raised, - Elvira Madjarova is indignant. – Wrote and to Office of Public Prosecutor, and   to Paul Astakhov. But in the answer only formal replies – « your letter is sent for consideration in corresponding bodies » that is back, to Kazan.

In the meantime as Elvira confirms, to it constantly call and threaten with punishment. Unknown persons promise to cripple and it, and children. About threats she informed a consequence, but, is similar from them have waved away the same as and from bruises on Vlad`s person and armed assault on apartment of the woman.

From criminal case materials: The fault the woman recognised partially. Concerning it the preventive punishment in a kind to a subscription about nevyezde and appropriate behaviour is selected. The consequence collects sufficient demonstrative base .

In business there were new details

Today during preliminary hearing the lawyer of defendant Lavrenty Sichinava has declared the petition for granting of new documents on business.

- At us the person as victim Fattahova, and witness Valiev up to the end is not investigated. The matter is that some years ago they together passed on business on robbery as suspects, - the lawyer confirms. – Besides, concerning Fattahova in Kirovsk district court should listen to criminal case upon drawing of a beating. But on judicial session it was not and has been put on the wanted list.