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Before the ending &l aquo; Eurovisions » Sparrows has gone for a supper with producer Ledi of the Eider

Before the competition ending Eurovisions Alexey Vorobev has met producer Ledi of the Eider and the European producer Redom Vanom.

- I very much am proud of Alexey, it seems to me that it managed to fascinate the European public, - have told Red Van.   -   Lesha on all covers of German newspapers, all Europe speaks about it. It is the big success.

- Me many colleagues abuse that I have sworn a floor-mat on the semi-final air, - remembers On the eve of the ending   Alexey Vorobev . - I simply did not know that on screens will deduce a sound, I was overflowed with emotions. Me reproach with that I   from the simple people, and I am proud of the origin! Probably, my colleagues of blue blood, and I simple Russian   the guy. Also I am proud of it.

Before a part of arena of Dusseldorf Alexey has gone for the closed supper with the producer Red   Vanom which, probably, will prompt to our Leshe how to subdue the main competition of the Old World.

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