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In Night of museums novosibirtsy have preferred Nikolay Roerich`s works

Bach Thoughtful compositions, lyrical and romantic – Vivaldis performed by a quintet of the state philharmonic society met all visitors of the Art museum this night. Music, and also continually passing by young ladies in medieval clothes, created absolutely inexpressible atmosphere.

- I today for the first time in the Art museum, - tell visitor Julia Fedorova. – And, if it is fair, did not expect that I will abide in such delight! Already to all acquaintances has called, that came. It is a high time to join art.

Some hundreds novosibirtsev and city visitors of the most different age have gathered this night in a museum. Moving from a hall to a hall, visitors exchanged emotions and even advised each other – on what it is necessary to look.

- Necessarily glance in a hall with Roerich`s works, - Tamara Anufrienko, the museum worker has advised.

Listening to advice – we go. By the way, here it was especially populous. Visitors with interest examined works of the known artist. And many even photographed them on cameras.

- We have arrived to Novosibirsk from area specially for night of museums, - Siberian Nikita Steglov tells. – have decided to Begin with Art – from classical art. Have already visited all halls. But   Roerich`s works most of all were pleasant. And here my companion in delight from photo-exhibition « My Africa ».

Along with classical art within the precincts of the Art museum it was possible to get acquainted and with modern – for example, just with photo-exhibition « My Africa ». By the way, acquaintance to it passed under performance of known collective « Markelovy voices » . One investigators sat down on steps of a ladder of a museum, others – settled down directly on a floor. In a word, atmosphere was sincere and even in something house.

- My daughter prefers modern popular music as it still name – a pop-music. But also at it from such execution murashki on a body have run, - the visitor tells a museum Irina Sergeeva. – Costs, listens … Even could not present that the classic can so be executed!.

How much the person this night have visited the Art museum, employees while find it difficult to tell. It becomes known after will count up quantity of the sold tickets.    

- it is a lot of People. Pictures consider with interest, about creativity of artists and stories of creation of works set many questions, - museum employees speak. – However, while the impressions in the visitors` book do not leave. But after all it is not over yet.