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After Alexey Vorobeva`s performance his parents in Tula have uncorked a champagne bottle

Just Alexey Vorobeva`s performance has ended. We will remind, houses for it « are ill » mum and the father. Sister Leshi, Galja, has left with friends in « Sports bar » where they support our fellow countryman.

Alexey, Nadezhda Nikolaevna Mum, said before the ending that will not be strong to worry, however, it could not constrain stirring and even has shed a few tears. Father Leshi also was strongly stirred.   during performance he has loudly shouted: « Lesha, you the best! ».  

the Photo: Alexey FOKIN

After performance of Vorobeva his parents have uncorked a champagne bottle. And then have phoned to Galej and have learnt that all « Sports bar » hotly supported the inhabitant of Tula and all very much liked its performance.

It has turned out, what even passers-by from street have come into a bar to learn that occurs. It has appeared, all is simple - on the TV broadcast Alexey`s performance. Naturally, inhabitants of Tula loudly supported the fellow countryman and loudly shouted.

the Photo: Alexey FOKIN