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In the Ulyanovsk region search for counterfeiters

According to the Ulyanovsk policemen, in region now from a monetary turn false denominations are withdrawn many. More often denominations by face value in 100 and 1000 roubles are forged. And, forgeries meet both the sample of 1997, and updating 2004 - go.

- withdrawn rather quality fakes. On denominations the water mark, an inscription relief « is simulated; the TICKET of BANK of Russia » a relief of labels for people with the weakened sight. The paper on which money is made, has now a luminescence in ultra-violet light. Besides, the density of a paper and its crunch at fakes practically correspond to original money, - the expert in public relations of the Department of Internal Affairs in the Ulyanovsk region Julia Bigos speaks.

Recently with a fake has got 37 - summer earlier the offender the inhabitant of Dimitrovgrad. The man tried to pay off in shop for purchase by a false denomination by worthiness of 100 roubles. The suspect was detained by employees of protection of trading pavilion and have passed operative group of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. The denomination is withdrawn, the investigation is carried on, guards have informed.

- From March till May of this year in territory of Sursky area from a turn it has been withdrawn two monetary denominations by worthiness of 1000 roubles with fake signs. On the given facts criminal cases are raised, spent operatively - investigatory actions. In conformity with article 168 of the criminal code of Russian Federation for the given crime punishment in the form of imprisonment by term from 5 till 15 years is provided, - Julia Bigos has informed.


Police officers ask uljanovtsev, especially those who by the nature of the activity   it is connected with a turn of money resources,   to be attentive and carefully to check suspicious denominations.

- If you have found out a denomination raising the doubts in authenticity, do not refuse its reception, wait a little with realisation of the transaction of purchase and sale, service rendering. Under a specious excuse (for example absence of delivery, necessity of exchange) and depending on conditions inform in law-enforcement bodies or a protection service, try to remember signs, motor transport of criminals, - advise in the regional Department of Internal Affairs. - if you have appeared a victim of counterfeiters,   be immediately converted   in   the nearest   branch of bodies internal   affairs.   much easier   to solve a crime without delay . Phone of a call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs – 02, a telephone hotline of the Department of Internal Affairs -   (8422 67 - 88 - 88.