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In Omsk have denounced guilty of explosion at petrofactory

In October of last year on one of Omsk buildings there was a tragedy. In territory of a warehouse of Open Society « Gazpromneft – ONPZ » two persons and more two were lost have been hospitalised. More in detail about it read in a material In territory of Omsk petrofactory there was an explosion

After carrying out of investigatory actions the accident cause became known. 27 - summer Michael Gavrilenko who was responsible for security of spent works, for technological processes and a labour safety has instructed the foreman of masons to make a superstructure of building woods of improvised materials.

boards have gone To a course and 200 - litre butts, in which else there were rests of an explosive liquid. Upon termination of works of Gavrilenko has shown a negligence, has not checked up their performance and has continued object building, having sent on woods of the welder without overalls and shtukaturov - house painters. When welding works have begun, from sparks and ignition of a steam-air mix one of butts has blown up.

the Self-made device has failed. The woman - the house painter, fallen with 8 - metre height, has died on the spot. 28 - the summer welder with plural burns has died already in hospital. Two more workers have brought to hospital.  

Investigating bodies have collected enough proofs that the court could take out a verdict of guilty under article   « Infringement of safety rules at conducting the building and other works, entailed on imprudence death of two persons ».

by court Gavrilenko Sentence it is denounced by 2 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 2 years. The court sentence has entered validity, informs a press - service of investigatory committee on the Omsk region.