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Morocco ekstradiruet to Russia the founder a financial pyramid Alexey Kalinichenko

Morocco will give out Russia the founder large « a financial pyramid » Alexey Kalinichenko. According to the official representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of Marina Gridnevoj, Kalinichenko accused of plunder more of billion of roubles, will go to Russia on Sunday, on May, 15th.

« Today accompanied by employees FSIN of Russia and the Russian bureau of the Interpol of Alexey Kalinichenko ekstradirujut to Russia, and numerous victims as citizens of Russia, and other states, suffered from its actions, will have an opportunity to compensate after its condemnation the harm done to it » - has informed Gridneva.

Kalinichenko threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

By words Gridnevoj, with 2003 for 2006 the accused spent an advertising campaign, urging all wishing to play the interbank currency market « Forex » Putting up money in under control Kalinichenko of firm.

« Thus it regularly published the forged reports on positive results of the financial activity in the Internet. The malefactor listed the means received from citizens on specially open bank accounts and appropriated » - quotes Gridnevu of RIA « News ».

All from frauds of Kalinichenko have suffered more than 4 thousand persons – inhabitants of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sverdlovsk, Yaroslavl areas, Krasnodar territory, other regions, citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan.
Kalinichenko has been detained in June, 2008 in Italy. Then the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has directed official inquiry about its extradition.

  « However lawyers of Kalinichenko have taken unprecedented measures on pressure upon the Italian law enforcement bodies. Among such « nonconventional » Ways reception « has been applied; creations of an image of a victim of prosecutions in Russia ». On the stolen means of Kalinichenko has created the Internet - sites on which pages skilled PR - experts placed forged materials, including about ostensibly arriving threats from victims physically to finish with Kalinichenko » - has added Gridneva.

And in October, 2009 when Italy has agreed to send the founder « a financial pyramid » to Russia, Kalinichenko also has at all run away. In some months the swindler has been detained in Morocco.