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&l aquo; Spartak - Nalchik &r aquo; has missed victory last minute

Throughout seven tours Spartak - Nalchik did not see victories. Volga too recently not bleshchet - the command has lost five meetings successively. That is why game in Nalchik was for both rivals for three points.

In the middle of a time the initiative has passed to visitors who managed to spend some dangerous attacks. The goalkeeper of Nalchik &ndash was the real hero of the first time; it managed to rescue the command after the most dangerous blow of Hazova, and then to interrupt a sharp lumbago of Tursunova. In the end of a time hardly has not hammered come on giving of penal Bendz.

Second half there have more quickly begun owners. The bill efforts of Leandro and Milicha has been opened. The Montenegrin there and then hardly has not hammered in the second, however the ball after its heading has got to a crossbeam.

On 69 - j to minute the arbitrator has appointed a penalty for a foul of Jovanovicha to Hazove. However after intervention of the lateral arbitrator to which the captain nalchan Dzhudovich appealed, the referee has cancelled the decision and at the same time and the yellow card shown by Jovanovichu.

« to Volga » nevertheless it was possible to leave from defeat last minutes when Vatsadze which have left on replacement has closed a lumbago of Martsvaladze. Thus, Nalchik has typed one point and remained on last place. And nalchikskie fans as the curtain fell demanded resignation of the head coach.

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