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In Novosibirsk 16 young figure skaters

In Novosibirsk have poisoned 16 children who are trained in section of figure skating of a sports complex « have been hospitalised; Energy » (the Soviet area).

- Children have poisoned and have been delivered in toxicological branch of children`s hospital, - has told « a source in law enforcement bodies. – at ten   kids – easy degree of a poisoning, at the others – average.

It is known that the part of children is written already out. In the most sports complex comments refuse, however, confirm the fact of the occurred state of emergency.

- the Reasons of an event to us while are not clear, - have explained « » in « Energy ».

Meanwhile, there is already presumable version of state of emergency. Children, most likely, have inhaled freon which is used on a skating rink as a coolant. Now the skating rink of a sports complex is closed, commissions Rospotrebnadzora and Offices of Public Prosecutor to which and should understand the reasons of a poisoning of children there work.

the Inquiry « »

Ice arena of sport centre « Energy » has been opened in 2009 and enjoys wide popularity of inhabitants of the Soviet area, since 8 mornings, each school hours are painted.   more than 500 children train in sections of hockey, figure skating, shorts - a track, sports aerobics, powerlifting.     ice is filled in on a skating rink on the newest technology, to defreeze a skating rink it is necessary time in five years, instead of every year as usual. The refrigerating machinery is established behind a building and copes from Moscow through the companion that is if it is necessary to increase quantities of a cold Novosibirsk engineers signal about it to the Moscow colleagues.

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