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At an ascension on the Himalaya peak of Tulagi two Belarus climbers

Around disappearance of Byelorussians were gone searches which while have not given result are conducted. But all of us we hope that skilled climbers Nikolay Bandalet and Sergey Belous will soon contact.

In April on conquest of peak of Tulagi (7059) four Byelorussians have gone: Nikolay Bandalet, Sergey Belous, Sergey Prachkov and Yury Sushko. The foot of the person did not go Into top of this mount yet.

Having cleared the bar 5400 m, Sushko and Prachkov have refused the further ascension and have left Nepal to Minsk.  

- the Most skilled climbers from the command Nikolay Bandalet and Sergey Belous have continued an ascension. Communication with climbers was supported almost daily by means of satellite phone. Nikolay daily informed on a course of an ascension to wife Tatyana who waits for it in Minsk, informs tut. by.

- on May, 5th to rise on top from assault camp it it was not possible - there was no light time. On May, 6th they had a rest. On May, 7th again have gone on a mount   - all the day nobody called, - Tatyana tells. - on May, 8th Kohl has called, has informed that they have caught cold spending the night, i.e. at height more than 6 thousand metres spent the night open-air without tent and   gas. Nevertheless, all of them - taki have decided to continue an ascension   - he has told that to top to them remains two ropes it approximately 100 - 120 m.

In   conversation with the wife on May, 8th Nikolay has informed that they with Sergey Belousom are on a mount crest:   it is a lot of snow and it very difficult - is no place to be insured .

on May, 9th and 10 Tatyana waited that the husband will contact.

- alarm did not lift, thought that, probably, villages satellite phone, - Tatyana speaks.

on May, 7th   In Nikolay and Sergey`s camp ABC the local guide should expect. And without having waited their returnings,   on May, 8th it has left.

- as the guide, 7   has explained; May it has risen in camp, but has waited nobody and when   malt liquors (porters have come. - TUT. BY), has collected camp, having left meal and gas just in case,   also has left on May, 8th with them downwards, - Yury Sushko tells. - After, as he said,   it has again risen to the place of camp, but Nikolay with Sergey there was not.

without having waited a call from the husband,   Tatyana   has contacted local saving   the company, which yesterday, on May, 13th,   has sent   on searches of Byelorussians the saving helicopter. However weather conditions have stood out extreme   - to fly up to top and   to find out the gone climbers   it was not possible.

Today, on May, 14th, on top of Tulagi   The helicopter which searched for Byelorussians 3 hours but so has found nothing has again taken off.

- at height about 5 thousand metres rescuers like   saw   a dark stain, but that it,   it is not known yet.   Probably, our tent, - assumes Yury Sushko. - Tomorrow the helicopter again will rise on searches of children.

the head of club the Khan - Tengri Nikolay Bandalet - one of the most skilled climbers of Belarus. In its active more than 100 ascensions of 5 and 6 categories of complexity in Crimea, on caucasus, Tjan - Shang and Pamir. Among them - conquest of five tops over 7000 metres: peak the Khan - Tengri (7010 m, 1997 and 2000, Central Tjan - Shan), Pobeda peak (7439 m, 1997, Central Tjan - Shan), Lenin peak (7134 m, 1998, 2008, Pamir).

Present   club expedition the Khan - Tengri   became the second attempt   Byelorussians to subdue top of Tulagi. In the autumn of the past year, having passed for four days in the Alpine style severo - the western wall, the command in structure   Nikolay Bandaleta, Sergey Nilov and Alexey Korochkova left on a plateau at height   6200 - 6400 m. This time have been decided to subdue top on a southern crest.

Some years ago has asked Nikolay Bandaleta why he has chosen a dangerous trade. The answer was such:

- When I prepare for a campaign in mounts, it absolutely other life. For example, I write. Here Ekzjuperi could write only when flied. The same and with me. When - that I have gone to mounts as the traveller, but all then wanted to rise above and above.  

we Hope and we believe that with our climbers all will be good.